About the association

The association was established by Ministerial Decree No. (100454) dated 29/5/1442 and is based in Tabuk region, licensed by the Ministry of human resources no. (2012) to contribute to meeting the needs of the local community through a methodology based on the investment of resources, opportunities and community assets in the region

Development leadership in Tabuk region

A non-governmental development association that seeks to empower local community members in Tabuk region cognitively, skillfully and economically by investing opportunities and implementing programs with mastery, excellence and innovation

Entrepreneurship, professional, empowerment, Collaboration, Trust, participatory

Empowering and supporting community members to achieve self-sufficiency

Conducting specialized courses that meet the needs of the labor market

Raising awareness and directing community members to benefit from major projects in the region


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Tabuk - Al-Azizia Dist. - Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Street - Saad Bin Saeed Al-Mashri Endowment - First Floor